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NSA campus is located 40 min away from downtown Barcelona, 25 min from el Prat airport of Barcelona and 15 min from the Sitges and Calafell beaches. It has top class sports facilities, which are unique in Spain, and they are designed for top level sports such as soccer, track & field, basketball, paddle tennis and up to another 10 Olympic sports. In fact,  our Campus has pioneered the idea of combining a college, dorms, university and company opportunities.

At our Campus we have a UEFA size soccer field for the students to train on, a gym, medical clinic, physiotherapy room, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, restaurant/cafeteria, snack corner, video rooms, luxury residence, classrooms, communal / relaxation areas, library, running track, paddle tennis court and everything that a high performance football player needs to enhance their training.


All round personal development

Our school, graduate or post-graduate programmes are first class and regulated by Camp Joliu and the UIC (International University of Cataluña) They are organised in our own campus in the classrooms, so that the students do not have to go to another school.

At NSA we focus on the personal development of each player and we offer them the help of the best academic, sports and professional experts, and we accompany students as they access the labour market and get their first job.

There is an innovative revolutionary project in our campus (The Mediterranean Green Land Hub), which combines research and technology and it is run and financed by prestigious private companies in the sports sector, which aims to create the first technological hub in the Mediterranean and give our students work experience in companies and job opportunities.

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