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Nàstic Sports Academy

Train with professionals, study languajes and make friends around the world

The Nàstic Sports Academy (NSA) offers various programs for those who are interested in living and studying in Spain.

One of them gives you the opportunity to enjoy one or several weeks within the academy without being enrolled in the full course.  This is what it includes:

    • Training sessions with professional coaches
    • Nàstic of Tarragona metodology
    • Beach soccer sessions and other activities 
    • Camp Nou visit
    • Fully equipped facilities
    • Port Aventura visit
    • Learn lenguajes
    • Transportation, transfer and pick-up service
    • Full board
    • Presentation of diploma



Our residence, with a capacity of 100 students, is fully integrated into the campus. Both the classrooms and the football pitch, with UEFA dimensions, have been completely renovated in 2021. The residential space includes highly comfortable common areas, designed for relaxation and for our students to feel at home.

At our Camp Joliu Campus we guarantee, through an outplacement office, an paid work experience programme adapted to each student. At the end of the programme, our office will also help you to get professional guidance on the best path to follow in order to fulfil your dreams and get your first job, through our job opportunities in national companies.

The NSA Process:

To be accepted into the NSA our admissions office will help you take a number of very easy steps.
Fill in our online request. It is very easy!

One of our representatives will get in touch with you to schedule the first meeting and give you more information about the programme.

After the interview you will receive email with detailed information about how to apply for a grant if you need it.
Send the required documentation to complete your application.

Get an official offer from the NSA, including the grant if your application requires it and the NSA corroborates it.


You will have the time to think about the offer and join the NSA whenever you see fit. Please remember that we have deadlines and there are only a limited number of grants.

Sign your NSA admission letter and your grant. You will have to make the initial payment (deposit) to reserve your place and your grant .
Start the process to get your visa. We will guide you through the whole process to get your visa. Someone from our department will guide you through the whole admissions process.
#DareToMove Dreams do come true, pack your bags and come to Barcelona to carry on with your career!

The NSA requirements:

English level
The test to determine the level of English proficiency (Toefl, Duolingo etc.), is not required for native speakers

Spanish Baccalaureate
Spanish Baccalaureate Certificate.

Average grade
2.5 GPA , if it is less additional information will be requested.

Interview with our admissions department.

Letter of recommendation
2 letters of recommendation from your existing school and/or club.

Student transfer
Student transfer from one university to another university.

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