NSA: Nàstic de Tarragona football academy

In this experience to live as an elite athlete and become a possible future soccer professional, the support of a professional team is essential.

NSA is the international football academy of Nàstic de Tarragona, historic club of Catalan football, and one of the biggest clubs in Spain, which with its more than 135 years of history is the oldest sporting entity in Catalonia.

Their first team has been in the first and second division of the Spanish league on several occasions.

All the lower categories of him are in the highest categories of Spanish football. Their coaches, with a UEFA title, will be watching your evolution as a player to be able to take you to their comptetive teams or professional teams.


Train, compete and develop yourself with professionals.

NSA offers you a study programme at the Camp Joliu campus in Tarragona with which you enter directly into the professional and elite field, both in football and paddle tennis.

Therefore, if your vocation is elite sport and to become a professional, we offer you the perfect methodology for you to develop in a completely privileged environment.

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