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Our Foundation (Fundació Escoles Familiars Rurals del Penedès) is a non-profit organization in the educational field. It has, as a founding principle since 1982, a great spirit of social development for the person, understood in its broadest sense…

This founding spirit commits us to develop all possible initiatives of social impact that can benefit the maximum number of people in the territory, for example, in the field of physical activity and sport in general.

Undoubtedly, the first of our pillars is the historical role, pioneer in Catalonia, both in the approach to sport and in the development of tools and materials related to the practice of sport; its team of people of recognized prestige in the field of integrated training in a professional sport environment and its innovative role in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) that as a company has successfully promoted in recent years.

The second pillar is the personal talent development function. Located in l’Arboç, its educational activity extends over a radius of 30 kilometers, serving more than 60 towns in the north of Tarragona and south of Barcelona. It serves hundreds of young people who are the protagonists of an educational community.

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Our educational project is based on a Global and transversal education that includes a prestigious sports and academic training that goes from the first years of secondary school to university and postgraduate studies. We accompany young people in their personal development process with a system that allows our athletes who spend a large number of hours a week in sports to not have to abandon their academic studies since both variables are integrated 100% in our program.

Therefore our philosophy is to educate from the affectivity and the social, physical and sporting dimensions extolling the benefits that the latter has on the integral development of every person. We also promote in our athletes the virtues and habits that allow us to improve as people and help us grow with healthy living habits.


Carlos Guillen

Director of Football

Mia Guasch

Director of Football

Hugo Serentill

Director of Padel

Jordi Cruz

Analyst Director

Diego Salas

Padel Coach

Irene Nicolás

Physical and Osteopathic Therapist


Iván Gonzales

Physical trainer

Salvador Pérez

Football Coach

Joel Cernades

Football Coach

Daniel Antolinez

Residency Director

Sergio Marruecos

Football Coach

Joan Castelló

Football Coach

José A. Navarro

Football Coach

Martin Somide

Football Coach

Jorge Bocio

Football Coach